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Spring brings the Ceres Street Fair on the first weekend in May, and the concert in the park is a regular summer event. Autumn is known for its Halloween Fun Festival, followed by the busy Christmas Tree Lane opening ceremony. Spring, when the Halloween fun festival takes place on Saturday 31 October and Sunday 2 November, after the annual Christmas tree lighting in late October. The Halloween Fun Festival marks the beginning of Ceres "autumn season on October 30 and November 1, accompanied by a Halloween party on November 3 and 4 and the Autumn Festival on December 5.

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In 1867, three men named John Whitmore, William Whit more and John D. Whit were the first non-indigenous family to inhabit Ceres. In 1870, Mr. Whitmore built the house, now known as the WhitMore Mansion, at 2928 5th Street. The first white pioneer family to inhabit Ceres was born in 1871 in a house in the west of the city at the corner of 7th and 6th streets in San Francisco.

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More About Ceres