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This section of the chart contains education data for Ceres, California, based on data from the U.S. Department of Education's National Education Center. This table shows the number of people who have obtained a bachelor's degree and provides breakdown for five major categories, including bachelor, master and doctorate, and university degrees. The outbreaks include the percentage of students in each of these categories with at least 2 years of education and at least 3 years of education.

Note that this category does not include those associated with maintaining professional references through workshops and lessons. In many ways, the analysis in the previous chart refutes the actual data for Ceres, California, and other cities and counties in California and the US. This chart shows in particular the percentage of people who have received postsecondary education and those who have obtained a higher degree, and provides breakdown.

This chart shows the proportion of graduates in the region's population. It gives the percentage of people aged 25 and over who have completed tertiary education and a breakdown of those who have completed at least one year of postsecondary education, such as university or college. This chart shows the number of graduates per 1,000 residents in Ceres, California, and gives breakdown for people 25 years of age - people who have completed college and / or university or have at least a bachelor's degree. No. 1 and had a third (10.2% of the total population) and provided a breakdown of educational attainment and degree attainment and employment status.

The next chart shows a breakdown of the most important qualifications obtained for persons aged 25 years and over who have obtained a bachelor's degree or higher. The analysis used is divided into five categories of educational qualifications, including Bachelor, Master, PhD and Master.

Note: The columns have been added to 100% and you must use the pagination button at the bottom of the table to see each row. Please note that the columns are added to 100 +, so you may need to add them yourself and / or use a page radiator button in the upper right corner of this table. Note: There is a cross-sectional tabular analysis showing the greatest educational success in each category, broken down by age, educational level and ethnic group.

The next exhibit provides a detailed tabular analysis that provides educational success data, broken down by age, education level, ethnic group and tabulated for each age group. The analysis of the last two charts provides an overview of the educational success of California high school and college graduates.

Ceres shows that Ceres has the highest percentage of graduates in the Ceres region, which is higher than most other places in the region. The highest percentage of early school leavers in this area is Parklawn CDP, where 67% drop out. This provides an overview of the educational success of California high schools and college graduates and provides information on the number of schools per 100,000 inhabitants in Ceres. It provides data for the largest cities in California, with the only major city being Bystrom CPD (13.9%).

Ceres is the number one overall and ranks third in the state with 8.2 grammar schools per 100,000 inhabitants. It also ranks second in high school graduation rates and has the highest percentage of early school leavers of any California city (6.6% overall). It has one third (# 8) of all California cities and has the second highest rate of college graduates (3.5%) of all California cities in its region.

Note that a bachelor's degree is called a four-year degree, because it usually takes four years to complete all the courses and curricula required for graduation. In addition, there are people who do not have access to a Abitur, a university degree or even a degree in art education.

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More About Ceres

More About Ceres